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Build Awesome Campaigns

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Draw, don’t drag.

Seamlessly draw fully functional buttons, input fields, shapes, icons and even emojis that can be a part of your website with a few simple clicks, no coding required.

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100% Free Templates.

Hundreds of high-converting overlays are at your disposal with our template gallery that can easily be changed to match your branding and content.

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Share your Message.

Let your fans like your Facebook or Twitter page with our social media integrations. Upload Youtube videos to personalize further and talk directly to your audience.

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Live Preview.

Wondering if your campaign fits seamlessly with your website? With AIVA you can instantly see how your campaign looks on your website.

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Get Actions from Visitors.

Want users to call a phone number, send an email or collect feedback? Easily assign an action to any element and start skyrocketing your conversion.

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Get your Style On.

We have hundreds of fonts and icons to get you started that can be changed in size and color at the click of a button.

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A/B Testing.

Testing is the key to getting great campaign results. Easily view, edit and create multiple variants for both mobile and desktop versions to meet your conversion goals.

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Endless Customization.

Want to create complex designs? With shapes, free rotate and layering options you can get a unique look for your overlay.

High Converting Templates

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Make it Your Own.

Match any template to your branding with our fully customizable builder. Modify any element and fine tune to perfection.

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Mobile Responsive.

All AIVA templates come with a mobile version built right in! Modify the desktop version and want the same effect on mobile? Just copy and paste it over, it’s that easy!

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Start with a Blank Canvas.

Let your imagination let flow freely with shapes, elements, images and videos. Recreate any mockup on the AIVA builder for fully functional automatically generated code.

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Get the Perfect Template.

Our templates are distinguished by the goals they seek to accomplish, so whether you are looking to generate more revenue or get support from pesky ad-block users, AIVA has a template for you.

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Target your Visitors

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Capture Visitors Based on Intent.

Captivate your visitors with a branded overlay when they try to leave the site, when they scroll past a certain section or even if they spend a certain amount of time on your page.

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Pick your Spots.

Make your creation display on anywhere on any page. Target offers specifically to new visitors or greet returning ones.

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Make an Entrance.

Use one of our 30+ animations to give your masterpiece the maximum impact and dazzle your visitor.

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Unlimited Scheduling Options.

Set up overlays weeks or months in advance and AIVA take care of showing them off at the right time.

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Easy Traffic Insights

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Highlights at a Glance.

Check analytics for any campaign and see how many clicks or submissions your campaigns are receiving. Hover over any part of the graph for a snapshot of your day’s conversion rate.

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Your New Data Hub.

We capture information from all actions your visitors take, the emails or information they submit, and send it over to your favorite CRM or email automation platform. If you don’t see the one your team uses, shoot us an email and we’ll try to include it in our next update!

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Know your Visitor.

Check where in the world your viewers are visiting your site from at a glance. Access in depth information on the Traffic screen for individual visit logs.

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Track Conversions Live.

See updates as they happen on our dashboard. Curious about how an average day on your site is like? Check out our daily breakdown to see when the most conversions and visits occur.

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Report Your Success (PRO)

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Powerful Report Generation.

Include as many campaigns as you want and get data from any period in your campaign lifetime.

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Increase ROI.

Determine which design variations fared best with based off your campaign’s details, impressions, clickthrough rate, visitor demographics and location.

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Match your Branding.

Our pro features allow you to generate reports with your branding, and colors.

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Impress Clients.

AIVA reports are a perfect way to show off actionable results to clients in a concise personalized package made just for them.

Performance and Security

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Data Stored Securely.

AIVA keeps your data encrypted on our servers until you choose to access it.

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Lightning Load Speed.

The AIVA content delivery network (CDN) allows your overlays to load quickly for all visitors.

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Servers Always Online.

Data centers located strategically worldwide ensure consistent uptime all over the world.

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Publish on Any Website.

You can publish AIVA campaigns on any url ( with one line of code accessible once you create an account.

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